Saturday, 28 April 2012

51.Birgit Rausing & family

Birgit Rausing & family
Net Worth
$14 B As of March 2012 
Birgit Rausing & family
At a Glance
  • Age: 88
  • Source of Wealth: packaging
  • Residence: Vaud, Switzerland
  • Country of Citizenship: Sweden
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Children: 3
Forbes Lists
She and her 3 children inherited packaging giant Tetra Laval after her husband's death in 2000. The $12 billion (sales) company's breakthrough aseptic ­packaging technology makes it possible to store beverages like milk and orange juice without refrigeration; some criticize the ­innovation for being difficult to recycle. All of her children sit on Tetra Laval's board; son Jörn is head of mergers and acquisitions. Son Finn is chairman of the board of the Swedish R.R. Institute of Applied Economics. Daughter Kirsten is a horse breeder in the U.K. The family keeps a low profile, which may have something to do with the 1989 attempted kidnapping of Jörn. [...] more

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